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Google provides excellent opportunity to find pulse oximeter technology
 It is without a doubt that Google is the largest and most effective search engine in the market. Their reach is global and their effectiveness in search engine technology is second to none. One of the greatest benefactors of this advancement in technology from Google is actually medical devices and pulse oximeter devices in particular. Prior to the search engine, there really was not much of an outlet to actually find these devices for home use. They were only limited to the hospitals and clinics that tended to have the unique connections with the distributors to be able to get the devices. Now the interesting thing is that those products that were in the hospitals and clinics are radically different than what you can find on the internet for home use. The old generation of the products tended to be larger and heavier and not made for the home patient who just wants some health monitoring. Today’s pulse oximeter technology that is found on google is far more advanced in its features and technology. The first thing that can be noticed is actually the size of the device. The size has decreased dramatically to the point where it is only a fraction of the size of cell phone. The main reason for this decrease is actually the advancement in chip technology that enabled such progress. There is now the ability to build smaller and more effective devices that have just as much capability as the large predecessors that came before them. The pulse oximeter is a thing that is depended on by so many individuals that are seeking to monitor themselves at home without the need to constantly go to the physician’s office for monitoring purposes. It is very small and lightweight thus enabling portability for health and medical purposes.
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