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Getting the early warning signs of asthma with a pulse oximeter
One of the earliest ways of telling if you have asthma is to in fact use a pulse oximeter to see what you oxygen levels are. Asthma is one of the most common health conditions that is out there in our world. It essentially works in that it prevents the body from taking in enough oxygen and as such can have some major health effects on the overall system. Oxygen is extremely important to proper functioning and without it you can not be able to really live a health life. The early symptoms of asthma are actually a shortness of breath at various times of the day. By using a pulse oximeter you can actually monitor the oxygen levels in your system in order to see if you are really suffering from the asthma. A pulse oximeter is something that is definitely not new but it is very useful for these individuals suffering from this health condition. The modern pulse oximeter devices have truly changed the landscape of medical device technology as they relate to asthma. In the past there really was no other way of getting the oxygen levels in the blood in order to determine if you are getting enough in your body. The reason for this was actually the technology and its inability to catch up with the mobile nature of our lives. We are always on the move and the go thus it was necessary to have a medical device that could also withstand this and be able to go with us wherever we wanted to go. It was the advent of new chip technology that changed everything and actually allowed these individuals to monitor their asthma wherever they wanted to go without worrying that they are far away from their healthcare professional and can not be able to utilize the devices.
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