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Genetics and the role it plays in asthma
A very common health question that always comes up is whether asthma is a health condition that is caused by genetics. Well, there really is no direct answer for this as it may play a part and it may not. The actual causes of asthma are not yet known but it is general consensus in the health community that genetics may place a role in the process. Through various studies done it showed that child asthma was very much prevalent in situations where the parents also had the respiratory condition. The other cause of the ailment is actually thought to be environmental factors. Mainly due to the increased pollution in our communities it is not unusual to find that the air qualities are not very good. As a result, many individuals have to endure this unhealthy air and as a result they may not be taking in enough healthy oxygen that would enable their lungs to mature quickly through their growing stages. As a result you will find that many different respiratory conditions will start to come about. Physicians have long searched for a way to help those living with the health condition to be able to control it. Whether it is caused through genetics or through the environmental factors the most important thing is that it actually be controlled in order to provide the person with a normal life to live. One such way typically that is recommended is the use of a pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen levels. It is very important to monitor the oxygen levels because without the sufficient quality and amount the body will begin to experience many other health problems that will not be easily solved. The pulse oximeter is not a solution to the problem but it does provide a means by which you can cope and monitor the condition so that you can live a healthier life.
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