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The fight against obesity finds new ally in the use of a pulse oximeter
According to the Surgeon General of the United States obesity is one of the leading health concerns that is facing our nation today. There is quite a bit of actual debate among the medical community as to the exact cause of this health condition, however the short-term and long-term health effects can already be seen. One of the leading causes of obesity in the country is the lack of exercise. As a culture in general we do not place much emphasis on physical fitness or exercise and in fact we are quite a stationary society in general. Whether we are at work or our children are at school there is very little activity other than just sitting. And even after work or school the majority of individuals go home and once they eat dinner they either watch television or just simply go to sleep. This in fact has led the way for so many individuals of varying ages to suffer from obesity. Physicians however have begun to prescribe not only exercise to combat this condition but also to utilize a pulse oximeter in conjunction with the exercise regiment. It has become an essential element of losing weight the proper way when using a pulse oximeter. The reason that so many physicians have suggested using a pulse oximeter to lose weight is because it allows the individual to monitor their vital signs while they are exercising in order to lose weight the healthy way. Many individuals are quite determined to begin their regiment however they in fact overextend their body and can actually do a great deal of harm to their health. For example, if the person begins to run on the treadmill for the first time they may not realize that their heart is not ready to take on such a big leap in physical activity and in fact they may hurt themselves. As a result, by using the device the person can closely monitor not only their pulse rate but also their oxygen levels to ensure that they are within healthy limits prescribed by their doctors. Recent statistics have found that in fact with the use of the device in conjunction with working out on a regular basis subjects have experienced a significant drop in weight while at the same time achieving a great fitness level in regards to their overall health. The fight still continues to achieve overall national health and a new ally is available to help in that fight.
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