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Egypt and what is being sent for humanitarian aid
As Egypt remains in a state of chaos and there is so much political upheaval by the people with a great deal of violence it is the humanitarian effort that has also become very important. Although the politics vary and different people have their own views, however the importance is that that those that are injured during the protests are in fact treated properly and receive the right medical treatment. One of the devices that has been sent to Egypt for medical help is a pulse oximeter. The reason why it was one of the most sought after devices for sending to the region is the fact that it is very versatile and extremely important for measuring two of the most important vital signs. These two vital signs is pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation which are essentially the two important signs that are utilized in order to make sure that the individual is operating at healthy levels. The first step whenever it comes to providing aid is when international nations recognize a time of need by a specific country that is in essence a developing nation. Once there is discovered the need to send them the aid the next step is to determine what they may be in particular need for. Because of its portability and important functionality the pulse oximeter provides complete vital sign monitoring that essentially can be on the go by the medical personnel in Egypt. As the medical personnel have to quickly respond to the need for help in any part of the city during the violence at any time the ability to be able to monitor while on the go is absolutely necessary. In addition to pulse oximeter technology there is also being sent donated blood, IV’s, and other items necessary for good health.
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