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Connecting your pulse oximeter to your PC Computer
As the pulse oximeter technology advances newer and more useful options are offered by the device for use by individuals. Although their past dates back to decades ago when the product was very primitive and only capable of measuring basic vital signs, today‚Äôs devices have much more capability and functionality than their predecessors. One of the most useful options that has been added as of late is the ability to connect your pulse oximeter to your PC computer. This has shown to be particularly important for those that are suffering from sleep apnea. Essentially the way that it works is like such. The individual who has sleep apnea connects the device to their finger right before they want to go to sleep at night. While they are sleeping the product will continuously measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation of the individual while at the same time recording that on its memory. The next day the individual takes their pulse oximeter device to their physician at which point the physician is able to hook up the product via a USB cable to their computer and download all of the readings taken throughout the night. Once the readings are downloaded then this leaves the physician to look at the results in order to diagnose the apnea patient and take further measures to help them. The typical way that the pulse oximeter connects to the PC is via a USB cable and the reason for this is that it is the fastest way of transporting the data. The individual home consumer can also hook up their device to their own computer at home for self monitoring as well. If you suspect that you may have apnea you can actually look at your own results at home to see if you do or not have that health condition.
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