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Cancer patients can take their health monitoring on the go with a pulse oximeter
Cancer is without a doubt one of the most prevalent and hard to live with health condition in our society. One of the main concerns of these individuals was always the fact that they could not live a mobile life because they were always afraid that they would be away from their health monitoring devices in their home. It was always needed to have a product that the cancer patients could take with them to measure their vital signs mainly the pulse rate and the oxygen levels. Such a device actually came in the form of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that accurately and quickly measures the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation if individuals. The reason why it is so useful is actually because of the fact that it is completely portable and has the power and ability to be taken anywhere the person desires to go. The modern pulse oximeter devices changed so much through the years that they are very different than their earlier models. The older models actually were the ones that you would only find in the hospital settings. They were very difficult to move around and in addition to that they were very expensive in that only the hospital budgets could afford. Then through years of chip technology advancement two things became greatly improved. The first thing that occurred was the device became much smaller and could now be easily be taken from one place to another without much effort. It could be manufactured to actually be small enough to fit inside your pocket. The other benefit that occurred was actually the fact that because of the advancement in technology the product became significantly less expensive. No longer was it necessary to have the big buying power of the hospitals and the health care to be able to afford the device but now it is so affordable than individuals in the home can buy them.
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