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Individuals living with COPD use pulse oximeter devices cope with their condition

COPD is one of the most difficult health conditions to live with and to actually control. COPD refers to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder which in fact is a respiratory condition that prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. As oxygen is the key to all life it is of the utmost importance to ensure that enough oxygen is being received by the body. In cases of those individuals with COPD they may at many times not get enough oxygen and as a result they need to be very careful in monitoring their heath in order to make sure that they are getting enough oxygen. COPD can continue to get worse through time should the individual not closely monitor their vital signs. However, the problem always was that individuals are always on the move and need a device where they can monitor their health on the go.

Such a device is a portable pulse oximeter that can help those individuals living with COPD. A pulse oximeter is a medical device very much suited for helping those individuals living with the condition. Although many consider the device to be those big machines that were found the hospital, the new pulse oximeter devices are quite portable. They are powered by a set of batteries and the individual living with the health condition just takes the device with them and can measure their oxygen levels instantly. The other great part of it is that they can also actually measure their oxygen levels on a continuous basis. A pulse oximeter works quite effectively to measure the pulse rate as well as the blood oxygen saturation of an individual The device is only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone and thus it is extremely portable. It also is very accurate and instantly gives a reading of the oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate within seconds. By inserting your finger inside the portable device an infrared light passes through you finger. Hemoglobin absorbs light at different frequencies and as such the infrared light that goes through the finger bounces back to the oximeter device computer with a number that represents the oxygen levels of the body. This number means the world to people who live with conditions that require accurate monitoring of the oxygen levels in the body. Oximeter devices continue to break ground not only in the hospital setting but also the home setting as well. No longer do individuals need to be at their physician

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