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Batteries cited in world-wide study as biggest area in need of improvement in the portable devices market
 It is without a doubt that the latest trend in the electronics market is actually portability. The ability to take your electronic devices with you wherever you go has been something that the market has wanted for decades however only as of late has it become a reality. In particular, medical devices like the most commonly used pulse oximeter devices have been the leading sector in making more devices that are completely portable and able to be utilized wherever the individual is. However, in a recent study by the Power Source Organization it was found that the batteries which power all of these portable medical devices were severely lacking in keeping up with the demands in the portable market. The most common power source for medical devices like pulse oximeter products is battery power. The reason for this is the fact that batteries are quite affordable and they are also very small and lightweight thus lending very well to portable products. However, the needs of these devices have changed because of recent technological advancement which actually now utilize OLED color screens and super fast microprocessors which tend to drain the batteries very quickly as the product is being used by individuals. The study showed that 95% of all portable medical devices including pulse oximeter technology was being underserved by battery technology. It found that the average use for such devices was only 4 straight hours of usage and this was in fact very much inadequate compared to the overall needs of the market. However, the study also did cite that there was quite a bit of newer technology that is in the works for powering these products. There have been quite a bit of innovation in the lithium ion battery market but there will continue to be more as time goes on. Other potential sources of power cited by the study were the use of solar energy to power the various devices. This is not only a source that is effective but also quite environmentally friendly as batteries are constantly used and disposed of in the garbage. This in turn will end up in the landfills and take quite a bit of time until they have decomposed. According to the Power Source Organization solar powered cells are able to last 20 times longer than standard common batteries and as a result will prove to be more effective and environmentally friendly.
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