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Airlines turn to pulse oximeter technology for vital sign monitoring in the sky
Airlines play a very important role in our society as they are such a vital component of travel and transportation. Not only do they provide transportation to individuals but also for the military as well. What many individuals do not realize is the fact that many passengers fly these airlines who have actually a wide variety of health conditions that need monitoring or sometimes in case of emergency purposes immediate vital sign monitoring. One of these conditions is actually heart arrhythmia. Essentially, what heart arrhythmia is that it’s a medical condition that specifically affects the heart. These individuals have an irregular heartbeat that comes at very unexpected times and as such can have very dangerous and devastating effects on the person’s body. There needs to be a device that can monitor the pulse rate during flight in order to make sure that the individual does not go into cardiac arrest. A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that is perfectly suited for those individuals who are actually suffering from heart arrhythmia and that desire to fly. These individuals may really not pay attention but when they are flying they may actually have an occurrence of arrhythmia and as such it is critically important that they use a pulse oximeter in order to monitor their heart rate. There seems to be much news and writings about these devices as they have truly transformed the portable medical device market. The device is only a fraction of the size of a PDA and really is very effective. It measures the pulse rate but also provides the oxygen levels of the person’s body as well thus really giving a sense of the overall health of these individuals while they fly.
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