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5 Things to watch out for when buying a pulse oximeter
The usage of pulse oximeter devices has actually increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Today, millions of people in the U.S. are using this device in order to provide themselves with health monitoring capabilities to live a healthier lifestyle. The main feature of this health device is that it quickly and accurately measures an individual’s pulse rate as well as oxygen levels. You simply place your finger inside the device and then within seconds you get a digital reading of your vital signs. The reason for using such a device differs greatly because it can range anything from respiratory conditions to cardiac conditions or to simply monitor one’s health on a daily basis. This guide will identify 5 things to watch out for when you finally decide that you want to purchase a pulse oximeter. 1. Make sure that the pulse oximeter is FDA approved that is being sold by the online distributor that you have chosen to purchase from. This is absolutely critical because the FDA monitors and ensures that medical products that are only approved by them are sold in the market and are safe for usage. 2. Ensure that the online retailer that you desire to purchase from is actually providing free shipping. The reason for this is that it is very important from a financial standpoint for you that the distributor provide free shipping and this will in fact increase the savings that you will have when you decide to purchase online. 3. Be certain that the online distributor provides a 1-800 number that you can call should you have any questions regarding your purchase. They will also be able to answer any technical questions that you may have as well. 4. Look for a warranty that is being offered by the manufacturer. This will ensure that if there ever comes a time where for whatever reason you have a manufacturer’s defect then you can simply return it for it to be repaired. 5. Double check to see that the pulse oximeter actually comes with a pair of batteries. This is pretty standard and almost always there is a new set of batteries that are actually included in the entire package. These 5 things to watch out for is very important in order to be a smart shopper when deciding to purchase this type of health device. By following this guide you can rest assured that you have avoided many potential issues that have come up for others who were not well informed buyers.
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