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10 things you need to know when purchasing a pulse oximeter
 Purchasing a pulse oximeter is an extremely important health decision that you make in order to better your health and your life. This is a very easy to follow guide that will make it quite clear as to what you should look for when in the market to get such a device. Although there is a myriad number of different reasons why an individual may need this device the most common is that a person would need to monitor their pulse rate as well as oxygen levels. Here is the 10 things that you should know when purchasing a pulse oximeter: 1. Determine whether you need a pulse oximeter for a child or an adult. The reason why this is important is because these devices come in different sizes that are specifically made either for an adult or a child. The size difference is key to getting accurate readings. 2. Determine whether you need a color screen monitor or a non-color digital screen. You will find that although the color screen monitors are slightly more expensive they are however much easier to use. 3. Decide whether you want disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries are significantly more expensive. 4. Decide whether you want a hand held pulse oximeter or a regular “pocket” variety. Typically the hand held devices are meant for professional health care personnel. 5. Decide whether you need a device that also measures perfusion index. Perfusion index refers to the strength of the heartbeat and is sometimes required by some physicians. So its important to see if your product needs this added option. 6. Figure out if you need the product to have plethysmograph capabilities. This will actually show the movement of the pulse rate up and down. 7. See if you need a lanyard to accompany the device. The lanyard may sometimes be helpful if you are a person always on the go. 8. See if you need a carrying case that provides extra protection against drops and as well as water. 9. Find an online distributor that provides free shipping in order to get the best value for you money. 10. Find an online distributor that has a 1800 number where you can call if you have any questions or concerns. By using these 10 steps you can make the process of purchasing your medical equipment much easier and more effective.
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