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10 Most popular uses for a pulse oximeter
 If you have never heard of a pulse oximeter then you definitely are not up to date on a very important health device that is used by millions of people throughout the U.S. The basic idea of this amazing health device is that it quickly and accurately measures pulse rate as well as oxygen levels. The process is very simple and beings by simply placing your index finger inside the product. Once the finger is inside the device it begins to work automatically and measures the pulse rate and oxygen levels whereby it then gives out an accurate reading in digital form to be read. Here are 10 of the most popular uses for a pulse oximeter that you probably have never heard of: 1. Use a pulse oximeter when you are exercising in order to monitor your heart and oxygen levels to ensure that you are getting enough oxygen and your heart is functioning at normal levels. Should your readings be out of normal ranges then you can take other actions to remediate this. 2. Use the device when you are scuba diving to ensure your are getting enough oxygen. 3. Take it with you when you go mountain climbing as the oxygen levels are very low in high altitudes. 4. If you fly professionally or recreationally then it is essential to monitor the oxygen levels in your body in order to prevent hypoxia. Hypoxia occurs when the body does not get enough oxygen. 5. Take it with you when you training so that you keep a close eye on your vital signs to ensure you are not overextending yourself. 6. Use it when you are losing weight to see if your heartbeat has been elevated for at least fifteen minutes which is a good measure of an effective workout. 7. Take it with yourself with you go skiing because you are both at high altitudes and are engaging in intense physical activity. 8. Use it with your children when they have asthma to keep a close eye on their oxygen levels in order to prevent an asthma attack. 9. Take it on vacation with yourself abroad to monitor a wide variety of health conditions including asthma, copd and heart arrhythmia. 10. Use it when you are playing sports to measure your performance levels and whether you are getting enough oxygen or whether your pulse rate is at normal levels.
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